Our Story

Butterflies are viewed as representing endurance, change, hope and luck…all of which we are going through and feeling at the moment. Our gorgeous butterfly logo was created to represent the transformative nature we are experiencing but most importantly, how furniture can change the look and feel of our homes.



Our metamorphosis has only just begun, as a team with over 225 combined years of experience in the furniture industry… we are bursting with ideas, we want to stand out as different, give our customers a unique shopping experience, one where they feel highly valued as a customer.

After trading as a locally owned and operated franchise (Target) for the past 19 years, we are pleased to be able to transform our own business and make unique and personal decisions without the constraints that come with a national franchise.  We can now make decisions based on our region and partner with the local business community to service your requirements.  This could not be more important in the current environment and we are excited to partner with new and innovative suppliers which will mean exciting new product ranges that you will never have seen before. 
For the first 15 years of trading, we operated by sourcing the best price from our wholesalers and manufacturers and then we passed these savings to our customers at an everyday low price. Changes in the model we were bound to meant that we moved to an “on sale” advertising model which we believe our customers are tired of.  Instead, you will see transparency with pricing and everyday low prices going forward. At Botanica Furniture, you will be able to purchase affordable unique furniture every day.


Botanica Furniture - We're here and we're local


The most exciting aspect of trading as our own independent store is we now get to choose what furniture pieces we want to buy, and supply to the market we live and work in.  We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from suppliers who have inundated us with offers to stock new and different products.  Believe me, we will have something for everyone and without the ticket price you would expect for the quality you will be receiving.  We are no longer constrained in what we buy and will be able to offer products such as artwork, homewares, plants, lighting, linen that we have not been able to stock previously.  All of these, to complement our beautiful furniture pieces, and for sale to you at everyday low prices.
During our trading years we have survived through snow storm closures, floods, a global financial crisis, earthquake closures, major renovation, a fire, and now a global pandemic, none of which would be possible without the support of both our past and present customers.  We want to extend a warm and heartfelt thank you.  You have supported local for 19 years helping not only my team and their families but the Canterbury, and New Zealand economy. Now trading as Botanica Furniture we in turn will be truly supporting local by sourcing the overwhelming majority of products that we will be selling from local suppliers.  We hope you enjoy the range as much as we do.

We would love you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, here you can be part of our journey, be kept up to date on what we are doing and watch new product be introduced. Browse through our website, this is still a work in progress with many more products to be added so keep checking back to see all the changes. Of course we would love to see you in-store, this is definitely where you will see our biggest changes, Covid-19 might have slowed us down but our plans are still the same.

Now as we begin trading as Botanica Furniture, we feel free… lighter and ready to sell affordable furniture, all day… everyday.